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Small weddings thrive at unique, sometimes off-beat, and smaller locations, and Botha House provides this and more with its ambience, sea views and very special hospitality - Your home away from home where authenticity and style meets tranquil splendour.
This is your unique and special day and we therefore don’t have “off-the-shelf” packages.  We specialise in tailoring requirements to suit your needs, your wants, your aspirations…
So, send us the completed form below and we will contact you with some inspiration and ideas and help you and your partner create that special and unique celebration……

  • Having less guests does not make your celebration any less meaningful.  It gives you time to focus on what really matters…  Your love for and commitment to your life partner and of course you can enjoy the time with those that have joined you to celebrate this wonderful day…
  • Remember that a small wedding is more intimate, giving you time to be with the friends and family that matter instead of bouncing around to people you perhaps don’t know or don’t know well.
  • When the day is here, breathe and release. This is what you’ve been planning for months, so you’d better drink that expensive wine and eat that expensive food. Mingle with your friends and family and eat a second piece of cake.
  • A small wedding is about trimming excess and having things around you on the day that you love.  Don't like flowers? Substitute pictures with you and your partner for the centerpiece.  Consider the essentials... What can you make yourself? What can you limit or cut back?
  • Make your location a big part of the "theme."  If you do decide to get married at Botha House let the beauty of the house with its idyllic views, garden and heritage help you to create an intimate and innovative celebration – Have a picnic under the Fig Tree, set up a small marquee in the garden and use the sea view as your backdrop, have your ceremony in the courtyard gardens, sign the register in the beautiful library, have a formal sit-down meal on the terrace.

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